About Us


Premium Price consultants are independent property marketing consultants. We are not estate agents and do not “Sell” properties or work with buyers. We have over 22 years experience in creating bespoke marketing plans for the sellers of higher value properties. Our clients include property developers, property entrepreneurs and Private Sellers.

Our Mission


Most sellers leave thousands of pounds worth of equity behind when they sell. Many private sellers are not aware of the advanced marketing techniques professional sellers and property developers use to achieve a premium price for their property. The “Buyer Premium” can be 15-20% more than traditional estate agency marketing can achieve. Our mission is to share these “Secret marketing methods” and help Private Sellers achieve the same results without a large marketing budget.

The future


The Premium Price Consultants team have many years experience in advanced marketing techniques widely offered to private sellers overseas.

Property Sales and Marketing professionals in Australasia, Canada, South Africa, many countries in Europe and the USA have for many years offered a personal and professional service to sellers and often build a career spanning 20-50 years. These “Personal Agents” will often sell your first, second and maybe your third home and many of your family and friends as well.

In contrast, most of the sales people in your local estate agency will not be there in 2-3 years, such is the turn over of staff.  So who will be the new property professionals?

Possibility your Brother in-Law, Uncle or Cousin! Think of all the people you know and would trust, have great people skills and would love working in the own property business if the opportunity came their way. Maybe you have some family and friends that would fit the profile. In 2013 two of the worlds biggest “Estate Agency Franchise’s” arrived in the UK to offer this “Personal Agent” service. Currently they have more than 300,000 personal agents in over 50 countries. The average age of a Personal agent is 47 years old and 51% of these are female. They all run their own business and are supported by the Franchise who provide all the promotion, branding, training and support.

When will this happen? It is happening now and we expect the momentum to grow rapidly as the baby boomers realise there is an opportunity to start a property sales and marketing career.