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Hello and Welcome. We are Premium Price Consultants

Below is a short video that gives a “Snapshot” of what we do.

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How to Achieve Tomorrows Value Today

How Exposed are You?

 What our clients say about us

Need to sell fast?

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30 day sale – Interview with Debbie Arnold

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What is a Premium Price?

Who We Are and What We Do

Market Value Vs Premium Price – Short Version

Market Value Vs Premium Price

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Assisting sellers to achieve Tomorrows Value Today

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Achieving a Premium Price

It would be reasonable to assume that most property owners would agree that their home would be worth more, ten years from now, maybe in London, the value could double. We can also look back ten years and see on record exactly what our property was worth ten years ago.

Sellers Greatest Mistakes

We are told that practice makes perfect and that making mistakes is good if you can learn from them. Unfortunately when it come to selling your home which many people will only do once or twice in a lifetime, the learning curve can cost you £50,000 to £100,000 or more.

About Us

Premium Price consultants are independent property marketing consultants. We are not estate agents and do not “Sell” properties or work with buyers. We have over 22 years experience in creating bespoke marketing plans for the sellers of higher value properties. Our clients include property developers, property entrepreneurs and Private Sellers.

Our Mission

Most sellers leave thousands of pounds worth of equity behind when they sell. Many private sellers are not aware of the advanced marketing techniques professional sellers and property developers use to achieve a premium price for their property. The “Buyer Premium” can be 15-20% more than traditional estate agency marketing can achieve. Our mission is to share these “Secret marketing methods” and help Private Sellers achieve the same results without a large marketing budget.

The future

The Premium Price Consultants team have many years experience in advanced marketing techniques widely offered to private sellers overseas. Property Sales and Marketing professionals in Australasia, Canada, South Africa, many countries in Europe and the USA have for many years offered a personal and professional service to sellers and often build a career spanning 20-50 years. These “Personal Agents” will often sell your first, second and maybe your third home and many of your family and friends as well. More…